7 Reasons Why Mombasa Must Be In Your Travel Bucket List.

Photo by Harshil Gudka on Unsplash

The call to prayer bellowing from the ancient minarets welcomes you to this idyllic, picturesque coastal paradise.

Mombasa, an exotic city, steeped in ancient culture and tradition, is a much sought out travel destination for many tourists.

Mombasa, the 2nd largest city in Kenya, is situated on the Kenyan coast.

Home to over 1.5 million people, Mombasa is any traveler’s dream paradise.

Mombasa, founded in 900 AD Is a multicultural and diverse community Influenced by the different groups who have inhabited it since time immemorial.

Arab, European, Indian, Chinese, and African Influence is evident in Mombasa’s culture, customs, and traditions.

The stunning architecture, which predates many old cities around the world, is direct proof that this coastal city has, for centuries, been the epicenter of commerce in the horn of Africa.

The city is an island connected to the mainland by a series of roads and bridges. Mombasa also boasts of an extra-large port and an International Airport.

Mombasa offers an array of sights and sounds to behold with sumptuous cuisine enough to tempt your palate and warm your taste buds.

These are 7 good enough reasons to visit Mombasa.

1. Breathtaking historical sites

Mombasa and its surroundings boast of world-renowned historical sites.

Topping the list is Fort Jesus, an iconic masterpiece built between 1593 to 1596 by order of Portugal’s King Phillip.

The fort was built to protect the city against attack. The fort has changed hands nine times before finally being captured by the British. Despite the many battles fought on and for it, Fort Jesus still exists. A true testament of the ingenuity of man.

Fort Jesus has since been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Gedi Ruins, a Swahili city in Malindi, is another archaeological treat and official world UNESCO heritage site.

The ruins consisting of stone mosques and palaces stand defiant against the test of time and weather.

Gedi ruins are a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and give a glimpse of life in the era of the sultans.

2. Picturesque beaches.

Photo by Harshil Gudka on Unsplash

Golden sun-soaked sands, azure skies, and turquoise waters weave a magical, enchanting web In Mombasa.

The calm, scenic beaches of Mombasa are a sight to behold and provide refuge to millions of weary tourists.

There never is a dull moment. Sip a relaxing cocktail, skinny dip in the warm waters, or take a stroll on the beach.

Are you an adrenaline addict? Sample water skiing, hydrofoil board, or parasailing.

From North to South, the expansive Kenya coastline is a wonder to marvel.

Famous beaches include Diani, Pirates, Bamburi, and Mama Ngina.

3. Laid-back atmosphere

Leave the chaos of city life behind and soak in the sun-kissed beaches. Mombasa, though being a city, ebbs and flows like the sea, slow and steady.

The nature of the coast is to live every second to the fullest. The people are friendly and welcoming, ever with bright smiles

Perfect weather, good food, and an abundance of outdoor activities give Mombasa a summer feel with a never-ending festive mood.

Throw your worries away and Immerse yourself in the tranquil life of this coastal heaven.

Explore the old city, sip some Swahili coffee and play bao, a famous board game with the locals.

4. Sumptuous cuisine

Photo by Maria Labanda on Unsplash

How does a bowl of piping hot pilau with coconut flavored chapati sound? What of fresh oysters and caviar or salmon slowly grilling over hot coal?

Mombasa will overwhelm your taste buds with an assortment of mouth-watering treats and delights.

From high-end beach hotels to the makeshift street eateries, prepare to be blown away by the culinary delights available.

Street snacks such as deep-fried cassava and mahamri are especially delectable.

With the ocean nearby, fresh seafood is in plenty. Sample professionally cooked octopus, shrimps, oysters, and shark, served with authentic African dishes such as ugali and mukimo.

Mombasa’s culinary experience has been defined and shaped by the influences of Arabic, Indian, and European history.

5. Shopping bonanza

Photo by Rohan Reddy on Unsplash

Fancy a Maasai beaded leather shield, Somali sword, or the famous Samburu spear?

Look no further.

Mombasa boasts of a myriad of curio shops offering authentic souvenir pieces from Kenya, Arabia, and India.

High-end shops are in plenty catering for the many expatriates and wealthy Europeans who reside in Mombasa.

So whether you need a Louis Vuitton bag or a Kikuyu ciondo, you will undoubtedly get your heart’s desires.

Mombasa’s strategic location as the gateway to the broader East Africa region guarantees first pickings for goods destined for the mainland.

Get your shopping boots on, untie your wallet, and brace for the shopping ride of your life.

6. Perfect weather.

Photo by Harshil Gudka on Unsplash

Want an award-winning tan that will be the envy of many? Search no further, Mombasa's got you covered

Situated in the equator, Mombasa gets sunshine all year round.

Daytime temperatures average 32 degrees Celsius. The warm and humid conditions are perfect for sightseeing and nature hikes.

With the warm ocean breeze, Mombasa’s weather is out of the world.

For some sun and fun, Mombasa must be in your travel bucket list.

7. Top Class Hotels

Photo by Mohamed Ali on Unsplash

Whitesands Hotel, Serena beach hotel are some of the prominent hospitality industry players in Mombasa.

Tourism in Mombasa is booming, and the choice of quality accommodation is overwhelming.

Hotels and lodges in a bid to attract more customers have come up with very enticing plans and offers.

Rate reduction, family discounts, and many more offers are typical. Hotels usually organize pick-ups to and from The Moi International Airport.

For a truly magical holiday experience, try out Mombasa’s five-star hotels.

There are many tourist destinations, but Mombasa ranks highly among them.

Mombasa’s beautiful weather, rich culture, and proximity to the sea endear it to many tourists.

Mombasa is quite affordable, making it especially attractive to the budget traveler.




An extrovert who lives life to the fullest. Come view the world through my lens.

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solo mugo

An extrovert who lives life to the fullest. Come view the world through my lens.

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